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For Agatha Christie fanatics, All About Agatha Christie is an indispensable site. I love this site. At the time of this writing, site owner Mary is gearing up to hold an All About Agatha Christie weekend (June 8 to 10, 2007) at the very hotel where Agatha Christie spent her wedding night with her first husband. From Mary's description, the weekend looks very promising and I, for one, wish I could be there. Those of us who are unable to attend, however, can prepare our own Miss Marple tea by reading Mary's page on the subject and following her suggestions. Also, whereas I have been unable to stomach Geraldine McEwan's portrayal of Miss Marple, Mary has had the fortitude to work through them and reveal to you her findings. You owe it to yourself to pay her site a visit. And need I add that, in addition to Miss Marple, Mary discusses all of Dame Agatha's detectives here -- Hercule Poirot, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, Parker Pyne, and Ariadne Oliver among them. She also spends a bit of time exploring Ms. Christie's independent novels as well as providing information about Agatha herself -- after all, Mary's website is All About Agatha Christie.

I encourage you to visit Jon Jermey's GA Detection: The Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Jon states that this Yahoo site is: "For discussion and shared reading of mysteries from the Golden Age (roughly 1910-1960). Ellery Queen, John Dickson Carr, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham, Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Gladys Mitchell, HC Bailey, Michael Gilbert, Norbert Davis and many many others." While you're there, don't overlook his Golden Age of Detection Wiki. Jon's blog is  Golden Age of Detective Fiction Forum. All three of these sites are well worth visiting for lovers of The Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

Michael E. Grost's insights into classic mystery and detective fiction are far reaching. His website, A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection, is another indispensable site for scholars, students, and lovers of the classic genre. Michael writes all content on his educational site, which contains reading lists and intellectually stimulating essays on great mysteries, mainly of the pre-1965 era. I love his essays and have learned much from visiting his site.

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